Scheduling Procedures

Looking for a premier training site to conduct a Operational Readiness Assessment (ORA), Annual Training, large-scale exercise, or conference? Schedule with us by contacting the Base Scheduling Office via e-mail at or 228-214-6142 or 363-6142.

For individual reservations, contact the CRTC Billeting Office at 228-214-6165

  • Contact Base Scheduling Office with training requirements and check date availability.
  • Complete Customer Service Request (CSR) and return to Base Scheduling Office via e-mail provided above.
  • Once the CSR is approved, the Base Scheduling Office will add the event to the planning calendar and contact your unit's point of contact with further information and instructions.


Gulfport Combat Readiness Training Center (CRTC) provides units the most cost-effective way to accomplish mandatory Status of Resources and Training Systems (SORTS) reportable and other contingency training requirements. Training at Gulfport CRTC helps ensure Air National Guard (ANG) units are Ready, Reliable, and Relevant by providing a broad spectrum of operational training infrastructure to deployed and regional users that cannot be fully duplicated at the local unit level. Gulfport CRTC allows visitors the opportunity to expand home base training and provide Ready Aircrew Program (RAP), Ready JTAC Program (RJP), and Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) specific training that may be unavailable or cost prohibitive at home station. 

SCHEDULING PRIORITY. Real world or contingency operations as defined by Air National Guard Readiness Center (ANGRC) will take priority over previously scheduled events.
  • ANG Operational Readiness Assessments (inspections/evaluations) when scheduled 18 months in advance
  • NGB sponsored Readiness Exercises (REX)
  • ANG Unit Training
  • Annual Training 
  • AFSC specific training
  • Other DoD entities
  • Non DoD entities
  • Federal agencies
  • State agencies
  • Local agencies
  • Provide proper coordination with Base Scheduling Office to ensure unit training requirements are met during the deployment.
  • Accomplish Customer Scheduling Request (CSR) and Memorandum of Agreement/Understanding IAW CRTC-established timelines and procedures to insure proper coordination and de-confliction of unit deployments.
  • Coordinate movement to and from Gulfport CRTC. Movement requests, particularly those for aerial transportation, should be coordinated with the CRTC scheduler IAW CRTC-established timelines to insure support is available.
  • Bring appropriate safety individuals to investigate any mishaps that occur while utilizing Gulfport CRTC IAW DoDI 6055.07 and 91 series AFIs and AFMANs.
  • Will pay for any damage caused by neglect or abuse and accomplish Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss if required. (Reference, AFI 25-201, NGB 5-1, and DoD Financial Management Regulation, Chapter 7.
FACILITIES AND EQUIPMENT. Gulfport CRTC provides unique facilities and equipment. Base Scheduling Office can provide accurate facility and equipment lists.
  • Facilities and equipment will be maintained in a constant state of readiness to ensure quality training.
  • If equipment becomes inoperable or facilities are damaged due to abuse or negligence by visiting unit, it is the responsibility of the visiting unit to fund equipment and facility repairs to be returned to operational status. (Reference, AFI 25-201, NGB 5-1, and DoD Financial Management Regulation, Chapter 7).


The Financial Management (FM) office can accept Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR) from visiting units for meals and billeting if required. Before a MIPR (DD Form 448) can be accepted, a Support Agreement (General Terms and Condition, FS Form 7600A) must be signed and submitted to the FM office. To ensure timely delivery of meals and billeting reservations, the Support Agreement and MIPR should be sent to Gulfport CRTC FM office no later than 30 days prior to arrival.

Academic Capabilities

Whether your unit desires small instructional classrooms or requires a large space for comprehensive training, Gulfport CRTC can accommodate. Among the assets are a 300-capacity auditorium, mid-sized meeting rooms throughout the campus, and a host of classrooms that can be configured to individual needs. The meeting rooms and classrooms are equipped with audio/visual equipment, white boards, and wireless internet.