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Camp Shelby Air-to-Ground Range is an inert munitions facility that provides aircrew and Special Warfare Airmen with basic surface attack and close air support training. The assets include: scoreable strafe and bombing targets, a Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT) Village with sim round and breaching capabilities, combat laser capabilities including scoring, helicopter landing zones, air drop zones, and dynamic targeting capabilities.

 Emerging Technologies:
  • Digitally Aided Close Air Support
  • Data Link access via the Gulf Common Network
  • Autonomous vehicle moving targets
 Prior Notice Capabilities:
  • Threat Emitters
  • Airspace Corridor linking Desoto/Bullseye MOA to WHODAT airspace complex over Gulf of Mexico
  • Live munitions on Camp Shelby’s duded impact area

To schedule the Air-to-Ground Range, located at Camp Shelby, please call (228) 214-6053 or e-mail MS.CRTC.Range@US.AF.MIL