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Air Combat Training System (ACTS) provides interoperable air combat training capabilities for U.S. and allied forces. The system allows the aircrews from multiple services to train on a common platform, thus providing high fidelity Dissimilar Air Combat Training (DACT) at the JTCs/ADC. ACTS provides real-time training for air-to-air and air-to-ground combat training missions. It also can provide real-time weapons simulations, real-time kill notification, and live monitoring functions. Gulfport provides outstanding air combat training airspace daily with access to multiple Drop Zones and Assault Landing Zones. The ability to provide supersonic, precision guided munitions (PGM), off range Close Air Support (CAS), and 4th/5th generation integration training airspace allows a visiting unit to greatly enhance its combat training capabilities.

Gulfport ACTS provides improved high-fidelity ground display, both live control and mission debriefing, for aircraft training engagements. The P5CTS's innovative pod-to-pod data relay capability extends tracking range beyond 125 nautical miles and Gulfport CRTC offers convenient off-shore supersonic air space for air-to-air engagements over the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Important note: If you operate from the Gulfport CRTC ramp, you will receive local pod loading, debriefing facility, and airspace scheduling priority in the WHODAT complex.
  • Additional Connectivity: Link 16, Link 16 Simulated Injects, SADL, Have Quick Frequencies, ROVER feed, five RADAR Feeds, Threat Emitters (with prior coordination), RTO, and eRTO capabilities.‚Äč
                                 For additional information, contact Gulfport ACTS at (228) 214-6047 or via e-mail at